Blend Images (vuo.image.blend)

Blends two images into a single image.

The resulting image uses the dimensions of the background image (unless the background image is empty, in which case it uses the dimensions of the foreground image). The foreground image is stretched to match the size of the background image.

Thanks to Romain Dura for the GLSL implementations of many blend modes.

Keywords: add, additive, alpha, burn, channel, color, color burn, color dodge, combine, composite, darker, desaturate, difference, divide, dodge, exclusion, fade, filter, grayscale, greyscale, hard light, hard mix, hue, layer, light, lighter, linear burn, linear dodge, linear light, luminosity, merge, mix, multiply, normal, opacity, overlay, pin light, saturation, screen, soft light, subtract, transparency, transparent, vivid light

Example compositions:

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