Make Hex Color (vuo.color.make.hex)

Creates a color from a hexadecimal color code.

This node accepts hexadecimal color codes in the following formats:

A hexadecimal color code is a concise way to represent the red, green, blue, and optionally opacity values of a color. It begins with the pound sign #, and includes either a 4-bit or 8-bit hexadecimal representation of each color channel.

A 4-bit hexadecimal digit is 0 through 9 or a through f (which represent decimal values 10 through 15).

Likewise, an 8-bit hexadecimal digit is 00 through ff, representing decimal numbers 0 through 255.

For example:

Keywords: CSS, HTML, alpha, blue, channel, chroma, green, hexadecimal, opacity, red, tone, transparent

Example compositions:

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