Select Input (2) (

Routes the selected input port’s data to the output port.

This node is useful for choosing between different data. The Option inputs can come from different data sources, and the Which input port can pick one of them to use.

The Which port selects the Option input port that will be routed to the output port. If Which is 1 (or less), it selects Option 1. If Which is 2 (or more), it selects Option 2.

Events that come in through the currently selected Option port are passed on through the output port. Events that come in through the other Option port are blocked.

This node’s Which port lets you select between options using an integer (numerical) value. If instead you want to select between two options using a boolean (true/false) value, you can use a Select Input (Boolean) node.

Keywords: activate, block, case, choose, condition, control flow, deactivate, disable, door, else, enable, if, mode, multiplexer, pick, route, switch

Example compositions:

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