Select Event Output (Boolean) (

Routes an event to the selected output port.

This node is useful for activating different parts of a composition at different times. It can block events to part of the composition unless certain conditions are met.

The Which port selects the Option output port to which incoming events will be routed. If Which is false, it selects False Option. If Which is true, it selects True Option.

Events that come in through the In port or Which port are passed on through the selected output port (and no other output port).

This node’s Which port lets you select between options using a boolean (true/false) value. If instead you want to select between two options using an integer (numerical) value, you can use a Select Event Output (2) or Select Event Output (8) node.

Keywords: activate, block, case, choose, condition, control flow, deactivate, demultiplexer, disable, door, else, enable, if, mode, pick, route, switch, wall

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