Play Movie (

Outputs the video frames and audio samples of a movie in sequence.

If you drag a movie file from your computer onto the composition, an instance of this node will be created with the URL port set up.

When the composition starts or this node is added to a running composition, the movie is paused at Set Time seconds from the beginning. It starts playing when the Play input port receives an event.

The Decoded Audio port only fires events when the movie is playing forward at normal speed. When the Playback Rate is not 1, or when the Loop is “Mirror” and the movie is playing in reverse, the Decoded Audio port does not fire events.

The Decoded Audio port only fires events if the movie’s audio format is supported by this node. The proprietary AAC and MP3 audio formats are not currently supported.

Keywords: aic, animation, avi, bang, dv, dvc, events, fire, h.264, h264, m4v, mjpeg, mp4, mpeg, prores, qt, quicktime, trigger, video

Example compositions:

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