These nodes are for using Syphon to share video and images with other applications in real time.

With these nodes, you can share video and images between a Vuo composition and another application, between two Vuo compositions, or between different parts of the same Vuo composition. Because video and images are shared directly on the graphics card, HD video can be transferred at a high framerate.

With Syphon, one application (the Syphon server) can send video or still images to one or more other applications (the Syphon clients). The server publishes a series of images, which are received by each client connected to the server.

Each Syphon server has a UUID (unique ID) assigned by Syphon and, optionally, a name assigned by the application running the server.

A Syphon client can get a list of all available Syphon servers and pick one to connect to. Or the client can look up a specific server by the name of the server or the name of the application running the server. On Mac OS X, you can look up an application’s name in the Activity Monitor application.

To receive images into a Vuo composition from a Syphon server, use the Receive Image via Syphon node.

To send images from a Vuo composition to Syphon clients, use the Send Image via Syphon node.

To see the available Syphon servers, use the List Syphon Servers node.

Syphon is developed by Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini.

Example compositions: