Process List (vuo.list.process)

Fires an event for each item in the input list, and collects the results into a new list.

This node is useful for performing the same (or similar) sequence of steps on each item in a list. For example, you could use this node to take a list of images and apply an effect to each one. This is simpler and more flexible than copying and pasting the same sequence of nodes multiple times into your composition — you can easily change the number of iterations and the sequence of steps performed for each iteration.

If the Fire port’s value is an empty list when it receives an event, no events are fired from Process Item. Instead, Processed List immediately fires a event with an empty list.

If the Fire port receives an event while the node is still iterating through the list for the previous Fire event, then the later Fire event is ignored (dropped).

Keywords: bang, cycle, each, events, fire, foreach, iterate, loop, many, multiple, repeat, trigger, while

Example compositions:

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