This node set includes nodes for sending and receiving data through an RS232 serial device, and for discovering available RS232 serial devices.

RS232 Serial is a protocol for communicating between physical devices. These days, RS232 serial communication typically happens through a USB cable.

With this node set, your composition can interact with (for example) —

The Receive Serial Data and Send Serial Data nodes receive and send pieces of data (information encoded as numbers). The amount of data is measured in bytes.

If a serial device sends or receives data in the form of UTF-8 or ASCII encoded text, then you can connect a Convert Data to Text or Convert Text to Data node to your Receive Serial Data or Send Serial Data node in order to translate between data and text. (Currently, these are the only built-in nodes for converting between serial data and Vuo’s data types.)

When receiving data from a serial device, the data may arrive as a series of small chunks. For example, if a serial device sends the text “Hello world”, the Receive Serial Data might fire a series of events with data representing the text “He”, “llo w”, “orld”. You can put these chunks back together using the Split Text Stream node.


If you’re not sure whether Vuo is detecting your serial device:

If Vuo isn’t detecting your device:

If Vuo detects your device, but doesn’t seem to be receiving or sending any data:

If Vuo detects your device, but the data received or sent seems garbled or corrupted:

Example compositions: