This node set includes nodes for receiving data from a USB Human Interface Device (HID), and for discovering available HIDs.

Some USB devices (but not all of them) are HIDs — for example, your keyboard and mouse are HIDs, and joysticks, game pads, and other controllers may be HIDs.

The Receive HID Controls node receives values from HID controls. A control is physical interface that provides a single data value. For example, a typical 3-button mouse will have 6 controls: X, Y, Wheel, Button 1, Button 2, and Button 3. Use the Filter Control or Filter and Scale Control node to narrow down the data to just the controls you’re interested in.


If you’re not sure whether Vuo is detecting your HID:

If Vuo isn’t detecting your device:

If Vuo detects your device, but doesn’t seem to be receiving any data:

Example compositions: