Fetch List of Images (vuo.image.fetch.list)

Loads or downloads images from a set of URLs.

This node supports files with extension .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .exr, .hdr, .psd, .raw, .cr2, .dng, .dcr, .nef, .raf, .mos, .kdc, .tif, .tiff, .tga, .targa, and .webp.

If an image can’t be loaded from one of the URLs, then it’s skipped. The output list of images contains only the images that were successfully opened.

See vuo.url for info on how Vuo handles URLs.

Keywords: OpenEXR, Photoshop, Targa, WebP, bitmap, bmp, cr2, dcr, dng, download, dynamic, exr, file, get, gif, hdr, high, http, icon, ilm, import, jpeg, jpg, kdc, load, mos, nef, open, photograph, picture, png, psd, raf, range, raw, read, texture, tga, tiff, url

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