Make Image with Shadertoy (vuo.image.make.shadertoy)

Creates an image from GLSL source code.

Shadertoy is a website that allows developers to write and share small text programs called Fragment Shaders that render 3D graphics to a screen.

Shadertoy provides some special uniform values that are exposed as port values on the node:

To mimic the way the Shadertoy website handles interaction, connect the Check Mouse Status node’s corresponding ports to this node.

All Shadertoy-specific inputs are supported, except iChannelTime and the ability to feed audio into the iChannel ports.

When typing in the Fragment Shader port’s input editor, the Return and Tab keys type text as they normally would in a text editor (unlike most other text ports' input editors). To close the input editor, click away from it or press Command-Return.


Shadertoy uniforms

Keywords: Blinn, Lambert, Phong, chroma, glsl, graphics, lighted, lighting, lit, opengl, scenegraph, tone

Example compositions:

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