Warp Image with Projection Mesh (vuo.image.project.dome)

Stretches an image across a mesh imported from a mesh data file.

If you drag a mesh data file from your computer onto the composition, an instance of this node will be created with the URL port set up.

This is commonly used for projecting onto a dome with a spherical mirror, an inexpensive alternative to traditional planetarium projection systems. Besides warping images for dome projection, it can be used for any kind of image warping — for example: keystone correction, stereo image alignment, conversion between image perspectives, and projection mapping.

Dome projection using a spherical mirror describes the image warping technique. It provides mesh data files for warping fisheye or spherical images for spherical mirror projection onto a dome, and for warping cylindrical or planar images to a perspective projection. It also provides the meshmapper software for creating custom mesh data files to fit your projector and spherical mirror.

See vuo.url for info on how Vuo handles URLs.

Thanks to Paul Bourke for developing the image warping technique used by this node and for offering guidance for implementing it in Vuo.

Keywords: cylindrical, fisheye, fulldome, hemispherical, immersive, meshmapper, mirrordome, navigable movie, panoramic, pbmesh, perspective, planar, planetarium, premium, puffersphere, sphemir, spherical

Example compositions:

This is a pro node. If you share this composition with other Vuo users, they'll need to have access to pro nodes in order to run it.

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