Calculate (vuo.math.calculate)

Calculates the value of a math expression or formula.

If your computer is set up for a region (such as most of Europe and South America) that uses a comma as the decimal mark, then you should also use commas (“,”) as decimal marks for this node, and you should use semicolons (“;”) to separate lists of numbers or variables. Otherwise (for regions such as China and the United States), you should use periods (“.”) as decimal marks, and you should use commas (“,”) to separate lists of numbers or variables.

The math expression may contain one or more input variables — names like Distance, Time, or A that are replaced with the numbers in Values.

Optionally, the math expression may contain an output variable — a name for the calculated result, to help you remember what it represents. If there’s an output variable, the math expression should have a = sign (assignment operator) with the output variable on the left and the input variables on the right. For example, in the expression Area = Width * Height, the output variable is Area and the input variables are Width and Height.

The math expressions may contain:

Keywords: %, &&, *, +, -, /, <, <=, ==, >, >=, ^, abs, acos, acosh, add, and, asin, asinh, atan, atan2, atanh, avg, compare, condition, cos, cosh, difference, divide, equal, equation, exp, expression, formula, greater, if, less, ln, log, log10, log2, logic, mathematics, maths, max, min, minus, modulus, multiply, or, pi, power, product, quotient, rint, sign, sin, sinh, sqrt, subtract, sum, tan, tanh, trigonometry

Example compositions:

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