These nodes are for working with 3D shapes defined by meshes.

A mesh is a set of vertices (points in 3D space) that define a shape, along with additional information about how the shape should be rendered. The additional information includes: the way that the vertices should be arranged into points, lines, or triangles (elements and element assembly method); the way that a texture should be stretched across the vertices (texture coordinates); and the way that the shape should respond to lighting (normals, tangents, and bitangents).

To create a 3D object from a mesh, you can use the Make 3D Object node in the vuo.scene node set. Then use the Render Scene to Window node to display it.

The vuo.scene node set provides additional nodes for working with meshes. To load a mesh from a file, you can use the Get Scene node. As a shortcut for creating 3D objects based on simple meshes, you can use nodes such as Make Cube and Make 3D Object from Image.

Example compositions: