5.5. Making a composition input and output specific data using protocols

A protocol is a predetermined set of published ports with certain names and data types. Vuo supports the following protocols:

To create a composition that conforms to a protocol, go to File > New Composition from Template. If you’ve already started working on a composition and want to make it conform to a protocol, go to Edit > Protocols and choose a protocol.

Optional published ports (offlineRender and offlineFramerate) don’t automatically appear in the Vuo Editor, but you can add them just as you would other published ports. Be sure to type the names exactly as they appear in this documentation (case-sensitive).

The Vuo Editor provides some examples of protocol-compliant compositions under File > Open Example > Image Generators.

When you run a protocol-compliant composition in the Vuo Editor, events and data are automatically fed into its input ports, and the resulting image is displayed in a window. This makes it easy to preview how your composition will look when run inside some other application.

When you run an Image Filter composition in the Vuo Editor, you can change the image being filtered by dropping an image file onto the running composition’s window.