8.3. Naming a subcomposition

When you turn an already-saved composition into a node, the node’s title derives from the composition’s file name. A composition file called Scribble.vuo or scribble.vuo would be turned into a node titled Scribble. A composition file called Solve Anagram.vuo or SolveAnagram.vuo would be turned into a node titled Solve Anagram.

If you haven’t yet saved the composition file, Vuo prompts you to enter a node title.

The node’s class name is your Vuo user name followed by a period followed by a lower-camel-case version of the node title — for example, me.scribble or me.solveAnagram.

After turning a subcomposition into a node, if you want to change the node’s title and class name, you can rename the installed subcomposition file. Do this by right-clicking on the subcomposition node in the Node Library and choosing the menu item Open Enclosing Folder, finding your installed subcomposition in that folder (for example, me.scribble.vuo), renaming the file, and restarting Vuo. Be careful renaming a subcomposition, because any compositions that use the subcomposition by its old name will have an error until you substitute in the new version of the subcomposition.