12. The command-line tools

As an alternative to using the Vuo Editor, you can use command-line tools to work with Vuo compositions. Although most Vuo users will only need the Vuo Editor, you might want to use the command-line tools if:

A Vuo composition (.vuo file) is actually a text file based on the Graphviz DOT format. You can go through the complete process of creating, compiling, linking, and running a Vuo composition entirely in a shell.

12.1. Installing the Vuo SDK

  • Go to https://vuo.org/user and log in to your account

  • Click the Download tab

  • Under the Vuo SDK section, download the Vuo SDK

  • Uncompress the ZIP file (double-click on it in Finder)

  • Move the folder wherever you like

Do not separate the command-line binaries (vuo-compile, vuo-debug, vuo-link, vuo-render) from the Framework (Vuo.framework) — in order for the command-line binaries to work, they must be in the same folder as the Framework.

Next, add the command-line binaries to your PATH so you can easily run them from any folder.

  • In Terminal, use cd to navigate to the folder containing the Vuo Framework and command-line binaries

  • Run this command:

echo "export PATH=\$PATH:$(pwd)" >> ~/.bash_profile

  • Close and re-open the Terminal window