Create a list of things


How to build a list

If you don’t have a list to start with, one way to create one is with the Build List node. Build List looks a lot like Process List. The difference is that the Build List node’s Start Building port inputs an integer (the number of list items to create) instead of a list, and the Index port rapidly fires a series of integers (from 1 to the number of list items) instead of input list items. Here’s an example (File > Open Example > vuo.list > Display Rainbow Ovals) that uses the Build List node to display a grid of 100 different-colored ovals.

Build List and Process List are general-purpose tools. Vuo also provides some simpler, more specialized ways to create certain types of lists. These include Make Random List to make a list of random numbers or points, Copy Layer and Copy Scene to duplicate a 2D or 3D object, and Enqueue, which is explained in the next section.