Deprecated nodes


Updating compositions to use the latest versions of nodes

As Vuo grows and changes with each version, new nodes are added while some older nodes become deprecated, or obsolete. When a node is deprecated, that means there’s now a better way to accomplish that node’s job.

When a node becomes deprecated, compositions that contain the node will continue to work for the time being. However, the node may stop working or be removed in a future version of Vuo. In compositions that you want to continue using for the long term, it’s a good idea to replace deprecated nodes.

New in Vuo 2.0

To find all deprecated nodes in a composition, go to Edit > Find > Find… and type deprecated into the search box.

To replace a deprecated node, the first thing to try is to right-click on the node and go to Change To. If the first menu item is a node with the same title but a different node class name — for example, you’ve clicked on a Make Image with Shadertoy (vuo.image.make.shadertoy) node and the menu lists Make Image with Shadertoy (vuo.image.make.shadertoy2) — then the replacement is simple. First, select that menu item to insert the new version of the node. Second, run your composition and modify it as needed to work correctly with the new version of the node. For example, you might need to adjust the input port values because the new version handles them differently. Consult the node documentation to understand the differences.

If the Change To menu doesn’t list an obvious replacement, try searching the Node Library for a node with the same title. If you find one, add it to your composition in place of the deprecated node. As above, consult the node documentation to understand the differences between the new version and the deprecated version. Be sure to run your composition and adjust it as needed.

If you still haven’t found the new node(s) to replace the deprecated node with, check the release notes or ask the community.