Image Generator protocol


Compositions that create an image

The Image Generator protocol is for compositions that create an image (or stream of images). For example, an Image Generator could create a special animation for the opening sequence of a video.

Published input ports

Name Data type Required/Optional Description
width Integer Required The requested width of the image, in pixels.
height Integer Required The requested height of the image, in pixels.
time Real Required A number that changes over time, used to control animations or other changing effects.
offlineRender Boolean Optional For movie export: true if the composition is being exported to a movie and false otherwise.
motionBlur Integer Optional For movie export: The number of frames rendered per output frame. 1 means motion blur is disabled; 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 means motion blur is enabled.
duration Real Optional For movie export and FxPlug: The length, in seconds, of the movie/clip.
framerate Real Optional For movie export and FxPlug: The framerate of the movie/project, in frames per second.
frameNumber Integer Optional For movie export and FxPlug: The number of frames since the beginning of the movie/clip, starting at 0.
quality Real Optional For FxPlug: The rendering quality or level of detail.
screen Screen Optional For screen savers: Which display the screen saver is running on. (macOS runs a separate instance of the composition on each display.)
preview Boolean Optional For screen savers: true when the screen saver is running in the System Preferences preview thumbnail.

time and quality are further explained later in this section.

Published output ports

Name Data type Description
outputImage Image The created image. Its width and height should match the width and height published input ports.