Image Transition protocol

New in Vuo 2.0

The Image Transition protocol is for compositions that transition from one image (or stream of images) to another. For example, an Image Transition could crossfade from one scene in a movie to the next scene.

Published input ports

Name Data type Required/Optional Description
startImage Image Required The image to transition from.
endImage Image Required The image to transition to.
progress Real Required A number from 0 to 1 for how far the transition has progressed. At 0, the transition is at the beginning, with only startImage showing. At 0.5, the transition is halfway through. At 1, the transition is complete, with only endImage showing. When previewing the composition in Vuo, the mouse position left to right controls progress.
time Real Required A number that changes over time, used to control animations or other changing effects. time is independent of progress.
duration Real Optional For FxPlug: The length, in seconds, of the transition.
framerate Real Optional For FxPlug: The framerate of the project, in frames per second.
frameNumber Integer Optional For FxPlug: The number of frames since the beginning of the transition, starting at 0.
quality Real Optional For FxPlug: The rendering quality or level of detail.

time and quality are further explained later in this section.

Published output ports

Name Data type Description
outputImage Image The resulting image.