Common patterns - How do I…


These patterns can help you create compositions more quickly and easily

If you’re trying to figure out how to accomplish something in Vuo, one good starting point is the Node Library search bar. For example, if you want to make a random list of things, search the Node Library for random to find relevant nodes like Make Random List and Shuffle List. Another good starting point is the example compositions for each node set, found under File > Open Example.

Some problems you might want to solve with Vuo aren’t specific to one node or node set. Certain patterns come up again and again, whether you’re making compositions to display graphics, play audio, or anything else. This section covers these general patterns. Reviewing these patterns can help you create compositions more quickly and easily.

Do something in response to user input

Since Vuo is event-driven, this is easy. Most nodes that get user input have a trigger port that fires an event each time new input comes in. To make something happen in response to that event, just connect a cable from the trigger port to the nodes that make it happen.

Here’s an example that makes a circle follow the mouse cursor as the user moves the mouse around.