Exporting a screen saver

New in Vuo 2.0

You can turn your Vuo compositions into screen savers that will run on macOS 10.11 and later.

Sharing screen savers

You can share the screen savers you’ve created in Vuo with other people, even if they don’t have Vuo. To find a screen saver that you’ve exported:

  • In Finder, hold down and go to Go > Library.

  • In that folder, navigate to Screen Savers.

  • Locate the screen saver (a .saver file).

When you send the screen saver to someone else, here’s how they can install it:

  • Right-click on the .saver file and choose Open.

  • In the dialog that warns that the file is from an unidentified developer, click Open.

  • In the dialog that asks if you want to install the screen saver, click Install.

Alternatively, the person installing the screen saver can navigate to the Screen Savers folder as above and drop the .saver file in there.