How events travel through a protocol composition


Events into and out of a protocol composition’s published ports

Changed in Vuo 2.0You no longer need to block unnecessary published input events with Allow Changes nodes.

Whether you’re running a protocol-compliant composition while exporting a movie, within an exported product such as a screensaver, or inside of another application, the same basic rules apply for how data and events enter through the published input ports:

Changed in Vuo 2.0You no longer need to ensure that exactly one event reaches the published output ports for each event from the published input ports.

Image Generator, Image Filter, and Image Transition compositions are typically expected to do their jobs at a steady rate — receiving events and providing output images at evenly spaced time intervals. Triggers within a composition may fire additional events, but those events don’t affect the host (movie exporter, exported product, or other application) running the composition. The composition continues to provide output images at the same rate that it receives events.