How nodes can be used as building blocks

Nodes are the building blocks of Vuo, which you can assemble in any way you can think of to create compositions. When you download Vuo, it comes with a large set of nodes that support 2D and 3D graphics, video, audio, networking, user interaction, and more. If you’ve purchased Vuo Pro, then you have some bonus nodes available to you. Whether you’re using Vuo Community Edition or Vuo Pro, you can also download nodes by third-party developers to add to your collection.

Finding out what nodes are available

Vuo has a list of all nodes called the Node Library. (If you don’t see it, go to View > Show Node Library.) You can skim through the Node Library to see what’s available, or you can search by node title, port name, or keyword. For example, if you’re wondering if Vuo has nodes for working with hues, search for hue and you’ll find several nodes related to color.

For a complete list of built-in nodes, you can go to the online node documentation.

For even more nodes, you can visit the node gallery. There, members of the Vuo community share nodes that they’ve created.