Keyboard Shortcuts

Vuo has keyboard shortcuts for working with your composition.

In the keyboard shortcuts below, these symbols represent keys in macOS:

Symbol Definition
Command key
Control key
Option key
Shift key
Delete key
Return key
Escape key

Working with composition files

Shortcut Definition
⌘N New Composition
⌘O Open Composition
⇧⌘O Open the most recent composition
⌥⌘O Open a random example composition
⌘↓ Open the composition contained in the selected subcomposition node
⌘S Save Composition
⇧⌘S Save Composition As
⌘W Close Composition

Controlling the composition canvas

Shortcut Definition
⌘↵ Show Node Library
Clear Node Library search box, then close Node Library
⌘= Zoom In
⌘- Zoom Out
⌘9 Zoom to Fit
⌘0 Actual Size
⇧ Double-click on comment Zoom to fit the comment
Spacebar Drag Move the canvas viewport
⌘1 Set canvas transparency to None
⌘2 Set canvas transparency to Slightly Transparent
⌘3 Set canvas transparency to Very Transparent
⌘4 Show or hide published ports

Creating and editing compositions

Shortcut Definition
⌘A Select all
⇧⌘A Select none
⌘C Copy
⌘V Paste
⌘X Cut
⌘Z Undo
⇧⌘Z Redo
⌘F Find
⌘G Find Next
⇧⌘G Find Previous
⌘I Composition Information
⌥ Drag near input port Duplicate the cable connected to the input port.
⌥ Drag selected components Duplicate the selected nodes, cables, and comments.
⌥ while rubberband selecting Select all cables within the rubberband area, not just those connected to selected nodes.
⇧ while dragging cable Change the data-and-event cable being dragged to event-only.
↑↓←→ Move the selected nodes, cables, and comments around on the canvas. Hold ⇧ to move further.
Hover over a node title and press ↵ to edit it.
Select one or more nodes and press ↵ to edit their titles.
Hover the mouse over a constant value and press ↵ to edit it. Press ↵ to accept the new value, or ⎋ to go back to the old value.
⌥↵ Open a Text input editor and press ⌥↵ to add a linebreak.

Creating and editing shaders

Shortcut Definition
⌘5 Show or hide GLSL/ISF Quick Reference

Running compositions (when the Vuo editor is active)

Shortcut Definition
⌘. Stop
⌘R Run
⇧⌘R Restart
⌘ Click Do this on an input port or a trigger port to manually fire an event.
⌘T Re-fire Event

Running compositions (when the composition is active)

Shortcut Definition
⌘Q Stop the composition
⌘F Toggle between windowed and fullscreen
⌥⌘E Toggle recording the composition’s graphical output to a movie file

Application shortcuts

Shortcut Definition
⌘Q Quit the Vuo editor
⌘H Hide the Vuo editor