List Art-Net Devices (vuo.artnet.listDevices)

Gives a list of Art-Net devices on the local network that are capable of sending or receiving DMX512.

This node fires an event with an updated list of Art-Net devices whenever it sees a change in the devices available — specifically, when the composition starts or this node is added to a running composition when Art-Net devices are already available; when a new Art-Net device becomes available; when an Art-Net device becomes unavailable; or when an Art-Net device’s name, IP, Ethernet address, or Port-Address changes.

If a single device has multiple ports, each port is a separate item in the output lists.

Keywords: artdmx, bang, dmx512, events, fire, lighting, network, premium, pro, trigger, udp

This is a pro node. If you share this composition with other Vuo users, they'll need to have access to pro nodes in order to run it.

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