Curve (vuo.motion.curve)

Calculates a position along an easing curve.

The output of this node can be used to control the speed, position, or other parameters of an animated object. Send gradually changing values to the Time input port, and connect the Value output port to the part of the composition that controls the parameter.

If Start Position, End Position, and Value are 2D or 3D points (as opposed to real numbers), then each coordinate of Value is calculated separately. For example, the X-coordinate of Value will fall along a curve based on the X-coordinates of Start Position and End Position, and the Y-coordinate of Value will fall along a curve based on the Y-coordinates of Start Position and End Position.

Keywords: LFO, Wave Generator, bounce, circular, cubic, ease, easing, exponential, gravity, interpolation, logarithmic, quadratic, yo-yo, yoyo

Example compositions:

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