Change 3D Object Blending (vuo.scene.blendMode)

Applies a different image compositing style to the object.

By default, Vuo blends 3D objects by drawing foreground pixels solidly in front of background pixels — if foreground pixels are fully opaque, they will fully obscure background pixels. This node allows changing the blending so that the resulting color takes into account both the foreground and background pixels' color.

Keywords: add, additive, alpha, burn, channel, chroma, color, color burn, color dodge, combine, composite, darker, difference, divide, dodge, exclusion, fade, hard light, hard mix, hue, layer, light, lighter, linear burn, linear dodge, linear light, luminosity, merge, mix, multiply, normal, opacity, overlay, pin light, saturation, screen, soft light, subtract, tint, tone, transparency, transparent, vivid light

Example composition:

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