Fetch Scene (vuo.scene.fetch)

Loads or downloads a 3D scene (3D model) from a URL.

If you drag a 3D scene file from your computer onto the composition, an instance of this node will be created with the URL port set up.

This node interprets the scene’s vertices as Vuo Coordinates. Optionally, this node can center and fit the scene to make sure it shows up within the area rendered by the Render Scene to Window or Render Scene to Image node (with the default camera). The centering and fitting are based on the bounding box around the scene — the smallest box that can enclose it. The bounding box is always aligned with the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis (not rotated). If the scene is both centered and fit, then the centering is done first.

Example 3D models are available from The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository.

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Example composition:

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