Make Supershape (vuo.scene.make.supershape)

Creates a scene object using the “supershape” formula.

The “supershape” formula (“superformula”) is a way to create natural-looking objects. By smoothly changing the parameters, you can morph between a wide variety of shapes.

Paul Bourke’s page provides additional information and example parameters for generating a variety of shapes.

Keywords: 3d, Johan Gielis, Piet Hein, animate, aquatic, blob, bulges, bundt cake, cactus, carambola, circle, circular, corners, ellipse, floral, flower, formula, hollows, lobes, mesh, morph, natural, organic, oval, parametric, pinched, polar, relaxed, scene, sectors, shape, smooth, sphere, spherical, starfish, starfruit, superellipse, superformula, symmetry

Example composition:

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