Record and Play Values (

Records a series of values to a file and plays them back.

This node is useful for recording live interactions, then making a high-quality offline render via File > Export > Movie….

When Mode is “Record”:

Changing the URL while recording, changing the Mode from “Record” to “Playback”, or stopping the composition has the same effect as Finalize.

When Mode is “Playback”:

The Record Value, Overwrite URL, and Finalize ports are ignored while Mode is “Playback”.

To create a high-quality offline render, use this node within an Image Generator protocol composition and connect the node’s Mode port to a published offlineRender input port. This will set the mode to “Record” when the composition is run normally and to “Playback” when a movie is being exported (e.g., via the File > Export > Movie… menu option).

Some data types — Images, Video Frames, Trees, Meshes, Scene Objects, Layers, Shaders, and Windows — cannot currently be recorded.

Keywords: file, memory, output, playback, remember, store, value historian, write

Example composition:

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