Allow Periodic Events (vuo.time.allowPeriodic)

Periodically lets a single Time event through, so that events are output at a steady rate.

This node allows the first Time event through that is greater than or equal to Period. After that, it allows the first time event through that is greater than or equal to the next multiple of Period, and so on.

When Periodic Time outputs an event from Time, it also outputs the data from Time.

The Time port should receive a stream of events with increasing time values, such as from the Refreshed at Time port of a Fire on Display Refresh node or the time published input port of a protocol composition.

Successive Time port values should increase by an amount smaller than Period. The smaller the Time increments, the less variance in the time between output events.

If Period is zero or negative, this node doesn’t output any events.

An alternative to this node that fires its own events is Fire Periodically.

Keywords: clock, interval, lfo, metronome, rate, repeat, seconds, signal, stop watch, stopwatch, tempo, timer, wave generator

Example composition:

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