Learning how to use a node


Each Vuo node has a description of how it works

Each Vuo node has documentation, or in other words, a description of how it works. You can view this description in the Node Documentation Panel (lower panel of the Node Library) after clicking on the node in the Node Library or on the composition canvas.

Besides the documentation for individual nodes, there’s also documentation for node sets. At the top of the Node Documentation Panel, most nodes have a link to their node set’s documentation. For example, the Make 3D Object (vuo.scene.make) node has a link for vuo.scene, which provides documentation that applies to nodes throughout the vuo.scene node set.

Documentation both for nodes and for node sets is available in the online node documentation.

Besides documentation, many nodes also come with example compositions, which demonstrate use of the node within a composition. For nodes that have them, the example compositions are listed near the bottom of the Node Documentation Panel.