Send Blackmagic Video (vuo.blackmagic.send)

Sends images to a Blackmagic Design video output device.

If no output device is specified, the first available video output will be used.

You can you use List Blackmagic Devices to see available output devices, and Specify Blackmagic Output to choose a device by name. If a specific device is selected in the Device input port, this node will not send video until a matching device is found.

Thanks to Stuart White of Control Freak Systems for commissioning the code this node is based on.

Keywords: BMD, Black, Cinema, DeckLink, HyperDeck, Intensity, Magic, Teranex, UltraStudio, consumer, i/o, interface, output, playback, premium, pro

This is a pro node. If you share this composition with other Vuo users, they'll need to have access to pro nodes in order to run it.

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