Building a composition on the command line


Turning a .vuo file into an executable

You can turn a .vuo file into an executable in two steps.

First, compile the .vuo file to a .bc file (LLVM bitcode):

Example 5. Compiling a Vuo composition
      vuo-compile --output RenderTextLayer.bc RenderTextLayer.vuo

Then, turn the .bc file into an executable:

Example 6. Linking a Vuo composition into an executable
      vuo-link --output RenderTextLayer RenderTextLayer.bc

If you run into trouble building a composition, you can get more information by running the above commands with the --verbose flag.

If you’re editing a composition in a text editor, the --list-node-classes=dot flag is useful. It outputs all available nodes in a format that you can copy and paste into your composition.