Changing the editor’s appearance

In the View menu are several settings to make the editor more comfortable to use depending on your lighting conditions, screen size, and personal taste.

Dark mode

View > Dark Interface toggles between a light and a dark color scheme for the editor. The dark interface is only available in Vuo Pro.


View > Canvas Transparency switches between three levels of transparency for the editor. With transparency enabled, other windows behind the editor are visible. This makes it possible to view a composition and its graphics output at the same time when both are fullscreen.

Grid points and lines

View > Grid > Lines / Points show grid markings on the canvas.

View > Grid > Snap toggles the snap to grid setting. When you position a node on the canvas with Snap enabled, the position is constrained so it’s easier to align the node with others precisely.

Toolbar labels

View > Show/Hide Toolbar Labels toggles between the regular toolbar with labels on the buttons and a compact toolbar without labels. The compact toolbar is only available in Vuo Pro.