Editing composition information

You can enter metadata about a composition by going to Edit > Composition Information…. The information you enter in this dialog can help people understand how to use your composition or products exported from it, as well as provide a reminder to yourself.

Some of the fields in this dialog — Name, Version, Description, Copyright, Homepage Link, and Documentation Link — are displayed in the Node Library’s lower panel when the composition is open. If you export an app from the composition, these fields are shown in the app’s About dialog.

The Keywords field is used when the composition is installed as a subcomposition. You can search the Node Library for the subcomposition using the keywords.

The Icon for Exported App, Bundle Identifier, and FxPlug Group fields are used in apps or plugins exported from the composition.

The License field is saved in the composition (.vuo) file. You can view it by opening the file in a text editor.