Printing the composition source code


Creating a picture of your composition’s nodes, cables, and comments

Using the vuo-export source command, you can create a picture of your composition:

Example 11. Rendering a composition
      vuo-export source --format=pdf --output RenderTextLayer.pdf RenderTextLayer.vuo

This can be useful for making tutorials and documentation, and for working on Vuo’s visual design.

vuo-export source can output either raster (PNG) or vector (PDF or SVG) files. You can create a PDF, then open it in macOS and print it. The command vuo-export --help provides a complete list of parameters.

Since composition files are in DOT format, you can also render them without Vuo styling using Graphviz:

Example 12. Rendering a Vuo composition using Graphviz
      dot -Grankdir=LR -Nshape=Mrecord -Nstyle=filled -Tpng -oRenderTextLayer.png RenderTextLayer.vuo