Reasons to use subcompositions


Reuse, organize, share

The Make Hemisphere subcomposition illustrated one motivation for using subcompositions: to avoid recreating the same composition pieces over and over again. A subcomposition enables you to assemble a composition piece once and reuse it many times. If you notice a problem with the subcomposition or want to improve it, you only have to make the change in one place to have it apply everywhere the subcomposition is used.

Another reason you may want to use subcompositions is to better organize large compositions to make them more readable. You can replace a complex network of nodes and cables with a subcomposition that has a descriptive title and a clearly defined set of inputs and outputs.

A third reason for using subcompositions is to share your work with others in a modular format. When you create a composition piece that other people might like to use inside of their compositions, you can package it as a subcomposition that others can install in their Node Libraries.