The command-line tools

As an alternative to using the Vuo editor, you can use command-line tools to work with Vuo compositions. Although most Vuo users will only need the Vuo editor, you might want to use the command-line tools if:

A Vuo composition (.vuo file) is actually a text file based on the Graphviz DOT format. You can go through the complete process of creating, compiling, linking, and running a Vuo composition entirely in a shell.

Installing the Vuo SDK

  • On, select Get Vuo > Additional downloads

  • Under the section for the most recent version, download the SDK package (vuo-2.3.0-sdk.pkg)

  • Install the package file (double-click on it in Finder)

  • Open the /Library/Developer/Vuo folder

    • You can move the /Library/Developer/Vuo folder, but in order for the command-line binaries (vuo-compile, vuo-debug, vuo-export, vuo-link) to work, they must be in the same folder as the Framework (Vuo.framework) and resources folder.

  • Next, add the command-line binaries to your PATH so you can easily run them from any folder. In Terminal, run this command if you’re using the ZSH shell (default in macOS 10.15 and later):

echo "export PATH=\$PATH:/Library/Developer/Vuo/framework" >> ~/.zprofile
  • or if you’re using the BASH shell (default in macOS 10.14 and earlier):

echo "export PATH=\$PATH:/Library/Developer/Vuo/framework" >> ~/.bash_profile
  • Close and re-open the Terminal window