A line connecting nodes; the conduit that data and events travel through


A document you create in Vuo

Composition-Local Library

A folder containing nodes that are available only to compositions located next to the folder


A window that displays log messages.

constant value

Data in an input port that doesn’t have a connected data-and-event cable.

coordinate system

A way to represent a position in 2D or 3D using numbers


A piece of information

data type

The format of a piece of information, such as numeric or textual

data-and-event cable

A cable that carries both events and data

deadlocked feedback loop

A feedback loop where it’s impossible for an event to travel through all the cables leading up to a node before reaching the node itself


Obsolete or outdated


A set of data items that can be looked up by name


Nodes that execute after other nodes


An attachment to a port that lets you input each item of a list or dictionary separately

drop events

The trigger port won’t fire an event if the event would have to wait for the downstream nodes to finish processing a previous event (from this or another trigger port)

enqueue events

The trigger port will keep firing events regardless of whether the downstream nodes can keep up


Controls when nodes do their job and how information flows between nodes

event door

May or may not allow an event to go out any of the node’s output ports (exact behavior depends on the node, and is explained in the node’s documentation)

event throttling

Controls whether a trigger port will enqueue events or drop events

event wall

Prevents an event from going out any of the node’s output ports

event-only cable

A cable that carries only events, not data


Perform a specific job

feedback loop

A group of nodes connected by cables forming a loop, causing the group’s latest output to be affected by the group’s prior output


Originate an event

generic data type

a stand-in used when a port has a changeable data type and the data type hasn’t been decided yet

Image Filter

A protocol for altering an image

Image Generator

A protocol for creating an image

Image Transition

A protocol for transitioning from one image to another

infinite feedback loop

A feedback loop that a single event could loop through repeatedly without being blocked by an event wall.

input editor

A widget for setting the value of an input port

input port

Receives information into a node


A sequence of data items


A building block that performs a specific job

node class name

A categorical name that reveals specific information about a node, shown directly below the node’s title

node description

Tells you how a node is supposed to work; appears in the Node Documentation Panel whenever you select the node in the Node Library or on the canvas

Node Documentation Panel

The lower section of the Node Library, which describes the general purpose of the node as well as details that will help you use it

Node Library

The panel or floating window in Vuo’s user interface that lets you explore and use Vuo’s nodes

node title

A quick description of a node’s function, shown at the top of a node

output port

Sends information out of a node

port action

A port that causes the node to do something different when it receives an event than it does when any other input port receives an event

port popover

A panel that shows a port’s current value, shown when you click on a port

Pro node

A node that is only available in Vuo Pro


A predetermined set of published ports with certain names and data types

published port

Receives or sends data outside the composition

Scale Factor

The ratio of pixels per linear point. For example, Scale Factor 2 means there are 2 pixels per linear point, or 4 pixels per square point.

Show Events mode

Lets you watch the events flow through your composition


A composition that can be used as a node inside of other compositions

System Library folder

A folder containing nodes that are available to any composition opened by any user logged into the computer

trigger port

A port that fires events

type-converter node

A node that translates data from one type to another


Nodes that execute before other nodes

User Library folder

A folder containing nodes that are available to any composition opened by the user currently logged into the computer

Vuo Coordinates

Vuo’s specific coordinate system, where the center of the rendering area is represented by (0,0) for 2D graphics or (0,0,0) for 3D graphics

yank zone

The section of the cable with the extra-bright highlighting when hovering over it, which lets you drag the cable away from an input port to which it is currently connected