Helpful tools for troubleshooting

What if you run into problems using Vuo? This section describes several ways to figure out why a composition isn’t working correctly. For further help, you can visit our community page.

Tools for troubleshooting compositions

Several features of the Vuo editor can help you understand and debug the behavior of your compositions.

Watch events with Show Events mode

Show Events mode lets you watch the events flow through your composition. You can turn it on and off with the Run > Show Events and Run > Hide Events menu items. In Show Events mode, trigger ports are animated as they fire events. Nodes turn opaque as they’re executed and gradually become more transparent as time passes since their most recent execution. Using Show Events mode, you can see if certain parts of your composition are executing.

Watch data and events with port popovers

Port popovers let you inspect the data and events flowing through individual ports. A port popover pops up when you click on a port. If you want to keep the port popover open for a while, for example to look at several port popovers at once, click on the popover. While the composition is running, the port popover shows several pieces of information that can help with debugging:

  • Last event — The time of the most recent event through the port, and the average number of events per second.

  • Value — For ports that carry data, the most recent data through the port.

  • Event throttling — For trigger ports, whether the port enqueues or drops events.

Watch data and events with Display Console Window

The Display Console Window node shows a window in which your composition can write text. You can use this node to observe values that are hard to see in port popovers because they’re changing too rapidly. The Allow Changes node can help by filtering out repeated data.

To find other nodes that can help with troubleshooting, search the Node Library for "debug" or "troubleshoot".

Check for errors in the Console

New in Vuo 2.4

Tools > Show Console opens a Console window that displays log messages from Vuo. These can help explain why a composition isn’t working as expected. For example, if you run a composition containing a Fetch Image node, and the image file that you’re trying to fetch doesn’t exist, the node will log an error that appears in the Console.

Check your assumptions by reading node descriptions

When you select a node in the Node Library or on the canvas, the node description appears in the lower panel of the Node Library. The node description tells you in detail how the node is intended to work.