Count within Range (vuo.math.countWithinRange)

Keeps track of a count that can be incremented and decremented and always stays within a given range.

When the composition starts or this node is added to a running composition, the count is the value of the Set Count input port.

If an event reaches both the Set Count port and the Increment or Decrement port, the count is set, and the increment or decrement is ignored. After the count is set, wrapping is applied.

For the Integer type, the minimum and maximum are inclusive (a closed interval) — when incrementing and wrapping, the output value can become exactly the maximum followed by exactly the minimum. But for the Real type, the minimum is inclusive and maximum is exclusive (a half-closed interval) — the output value can become exactly the minimum, but cannot become exactly the maximum.

Keywords: %, add, clamp, clock, count, decrease, decrement, increase, increment, integrator, limit, loop, modulus, saturate, sum, tally, total, wrap

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