Color (vuo.color)

Nodes for creating, deconstructing, and mixing colors.

Color Models

A color can be represented in various ways by these nodes:

Vuo natively stores colors as floating-point values in the sRGB colorspace, and treats colors the same regardless of whether they were created using HSL, RGB, or CMYK. For example, you can connect the output port of a Make HSL Color node to any input port that accepts a color, including a Get RGB Color Values node. Vuo can also represent non-sRGB colors by using values outside the standard 0–1 sRGB range.


In addition to the numbers representing HSL, RGB, or CMYK, a color can be described by another number representing its opacity (also known as alpha). This number also ranges from 0 to 1, with 1 being fully opaque and 0 being fully transparent. When opacity is included in a color model, the abbreviations are HSLA, RGBA, and CMYKA, respectively.


For nodes such as Sort List and Is Less Than that impose an ordering among colors, the sort is performed primarily on the colors' respective R-values, secondarily on their G-values, next on their B-values, and finally on their opacity values.

Example compositions: