NDI (vuo.ndi)

Nodes for sending and receiving video and audio over the network using NDIĀ®.

NewTek Network Device Interface (NDIĀ®) is a protocol for sending and receiving realtime video, audio, and metadata over an IP network.

NDI protocol support

Vuo supports the following aspects of the NDI protocol:

Vuo does not currently support:


In addition to video and audio, the NDI protocol allows sending XML data between devices. This can be used to send information such as captions, MIDI, GPI, DMX, and iXML. The Send NDI Video and Receive NDI Video nodes can each bidirectionally send and receive metadata.

Use Vuo’s Tree nodes to create data structures to send over NDI, and to extract information received via NDI. The Send NDI Checkerboard and Metadata composition demonstrates this.


Example compositions: