Noise (vuo.noise)

Nodes for generating (pseudo)random numbers using various techniques.

Gradient noise (including Perlin noise and simplex noise) is useful for creating natural-looking movement and textures.

Uniformly distributed random numbers are useful for picking from a set of options. When a random number is generated from a uniform distribution, the number falls between a given minimum and maximum. Each number between the minimum and the maximum has an equal chance of being picked.

Many of these nodes can work with various types of numbers — Integers, Reals, 2D Points, 3D Points, 4D Points — because their ports have changeable data types. To change the type of number in the calculation, change the port’s data type. (For example, right-click on the port and select from the Set Data Type submenu.)

To make images containing various kinds of noise, use the Make Noise Image and Make Random Image nodes.

Example compositions: