Receive File Drags (vuo.ui.drag.file2)

Fires events when the user drags files from other apps into the composition’s window.

Connect the Updated Window output of a Render Scene/Layers/Image to Window node to this node’s input port.

When the user drags a file from another app, the Drag Entered port fires an event when the dragged file begins hovering over the window.

As the user moves the mouse, the Drag Moved To port fires a series of events with the current position.

If the user releases the file over the window, the Drag Completed port fires an event.

If the user continues dragging the file outside the window, without releasing it over the window, the Drag Exited port fires an event.

Use the Get Drag Values node to get the position and URLs being dragged.

Keywords: Finder, and drop, bang, copy, cursor, events, fire, folder, i/o, input, interface, mouse, move, pointer, provider, reference, touchpad, trackball, trackpad, trigger, window

Example composition:

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