Make Palette from Image (vuo.color.palette.make.image)

Creates a color palette based on the colors in an image.

This node uses Xiaolin Wu’s 1991 algorithm (“greedy orthogonal bipartition of RGB space for variance minimization”) to pick a set of colors that represents the overall image.

For example, given this image:

This node would produce the following 4-color palette:

Or the following 32-color palette:

All output colors are opaque; transparent colors in the input image are treated as though they are composited onto an opaque black background.

Thanks to Gisle Martens Meyer for funding development of this node!

Keywords: 1980s, 1990s, RGB partition, WuQuant, Xiaolin Wu, alias, banding, clustering, contour, create, depth, edge, generate, gif, gradient, quantize, raster, reduce, representative, retro, variance minimization

Example composition:

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