Apply Liquid Mask (vuo.image.mask.liquid)

Removes uninteresting content from the image.

This node uses liquid resizing to reduce the size of the image (which removes uninteresting content), then uses liquid resizing again to expand the image back to its original size.

This is an expensive, CPU-based operation, so it will only work in realtime for small images (a few hundred pixels wide and high). Higher Rigidity values are faster.

Keywords: Ariel Shamir, Shai Avidan, aspect, content aware, contextually, disappear, fluid, hide, liquid, part, premium, preserve, pro, region, remove, retouch, seam carving, section, size

Example composition:

This is a pro node. If you share this composition with other Vuo users, they'll need to have access to pro nodes in order to run it.

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